White Python LED Light

Nightlight Red (2ft)

White Python

Product Info:

Modular LED Lighting System 2 foot
Nightlight Red


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These are excellent for keepers using Cabinets, Vivariums or other dark places to house multiple spiders. These are best attached above the Enclosures that you wish to light rather inside the actual terrariums as they are very bright. We use approx 1ft of light per 4ft of Tank space and they can be attached to a dimmer (Sold separately). Tarantulas are unable to see the red light spectrum so allows for optimum viewing without disturbing your spiders.

What It Says On The Box:

White Python Modular LED Lighting System is the ideal light for when you want to illuminate a reptile enclosure without the need for heat or UV. It is therefore particularly ideal for snakes and leopard geckos.

This modern lighting system is particularly designed for three foot (90cm) terrariums. But the great thing about these lights is that they can be clipped together to make longer lights including with different colours.

At a glance:

  • Energy efficient, only 10.8 watts>
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Ultra long life – 50,000 hours of light
  • 10x longer life than fluorescent lights
  • 3 year warranty

Kit contains:

  • 18w transformer with plug
  • Wires and connectors
  • LED strips
  • Mounting magnetic tape

Unlike other lighting systems, the LED Lights can be installed in a matter of seconds. With its simple magnetic tape fixing, you can position the lights in the desired area without the need for any screws or fixings. Whats more, with its innovative auxillary fittings, there is no need for unwiring plugs to poke the leads through the back of the terrarium.