Spiderling Kit x3


Product Info:

Kit for rearing spiderlings! 


3x Spiderling Box

3x Water Bowls

3x Cork Bark Hides

1x Terradisc Substrate

1x Pipette

From £6.00



Based on our best selling Special Offer Sling Kits!

This kit allows you to create the perfect set up for 3x terrestrial spiderlings, including the housing, water bowls, hides and substrate.



What It Says On The Box:

🕷️Small Plastic Housing perfect for smaller spiderlings,

🕷️Features Tiny Airholes down each side,

🕷️Easily Stackable

🕷️Small open hatch for feeding / water

🕷️Made of Durable Plastic

Sizing –

🕷️ – Small = 9 x 9 x 4.5cm 

🕷️– Medium = 12 x 1 x 8cm 


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