ReptiRad 40w

Advanced Radiator

Product Info:

Must be used with a dimming or pulse proportional thermostat

Width – 200mm
Length – 200mm
Depth – 18.5mm

Weight – 0.9 kgs


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These are great way of heating spider cabinets and vivariums used for housing multiple enclosures.

What It Says On The Box:

ReptiRad Reptile Radiator

To be used in conjunction with Dimming or Pulse Thermostat


Boasting of between 40 and 220w of power the ReptiRad enables you to heat up to vivs of varying sizes efficiently. Fitted with a tamper-proof UK plug with a 3amp fuse allowing safe and efficient delivery of power to your environment.

40w – heats vivs upto 3x2x2 foot (or of similar volume)

80w – heats vivs upto 6x2x2 foot (or of similar volume)

125w – heats vivs upto 8x2x2 foot (or of similar volume)

220w – heats vivs upto 8x4x4 foot (or of similar volume)


The ReptiRad is crafted using galvanised steel on both the top and bottom of the unit. This allows the unit to effortlessly conduct heat in your desired space. The radiant side of the unit is 1mm thick and painted with a matt polyester coating resistant to up to 180c temperature.​

The non-radiant side is 1.5mm galvanised steel designed to project heat down towards your desired heating area.


ReptiRad was designed with efficiency in mind. Other reptile radiators use industry-standard heating mats with a layer of insulation to project the heat downwards.

The heater is manufactured using a specialist silicon double insulated heating cable encased in two aluminium foils that deliver an efficient heat distribution and direction for the infrared heating effect. Making this the most efficient reptile radiator on the market.


The ReptiRad has IP64 classification and it is built under class II (double insulation) standards. It is compliant with RoHS and REACH rules and conforms to CE normative.

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