Pachnoda Grubs

Pre Pack Tub

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Sun Beetles (Pachnoda marginata) – Approx 10 per tub.


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What It Says On The Box:

These are great for fattening Tarantulas ready for breeding or spiders that are looking a bit thin. If you have the enthusiasm for it you might as well grow them into Beetles and see if you can breed them. They are easy to keep, easy to breed and prolific. Once you have them in culture you will have all the grubs you need for feeding and they are very attractive species of Beetle. We supply them as a pre-pack with between 8 Р10 grubs in each box and they are usually at L3 stage and almost ready to turn into cocoons. If you wish to keep them rather than use them as food you will need to rehouse them  on a substrate of crushed decayed leaves and rotten wood. Oak and beech is best.