OB3 Pack

Slings + Kit

Product Info:

A kit containing 3 of the different forms of Peterinochilus murinus, the infamous OBT 


As well as the slings kit includes

  • 3x Tubs
  • 3x Water Bowls
  • 1x Coco Disc
  • 3x Cork Bark for starter hides



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Species included are:

Pterinochilus murinus (DCF)

Pterinochilus murinus (DCF)

Pterinochilus murinus (RCF)

What It Says On The Box:

This is the species has the widest distribution of all African species. There are four main colour forms, each of which differ slightly in colour and pattern: typical (TCF), red (RCF), Usamburu mountain variant (UMV) and dark (DCF).

Each form differs in not only their colour and habits but also size. The biggest form is the “TCF” – males have been recorded reaching 18cm LS. The “RCF” (also often sold under “trade” names like Pterinochilus sp. “Usamburu” or P.spinnifer or P.mamillatus) usually construct their silk shelters above the substrate where as the others are more terrestrial and will utilize terrestrial hides or burrows.

In the wild it inhabits humid and semi -humid equatorial as well as arid bush land and semi deserted areas, with an altitude range between sea level to 2100m. They live in burrows, holes and utilizes other natural refugees on the ground, on the base of bushes, between stones and sometimes in the hollow of trees.

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