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Product Info:

A Mystery Box of animals from our current stock, perfect for building collections, those who struggle with decisions or people who like suprises.



What It Says On The Box:

You can leave a rough idea of what you would and would like in the comments box during checkout e.g No centipedes

As we get a lot of emails on what people can get in a box etc, here’s a few FAQ’s to help you out.

1. Can I have Tarantulas only in the mystery box ?

For sure at checkout is a box for “Add comments to your order”, you can request this here no problem.

2. Can I get a good range of inverts?

Again at the checkout look for the “Add comments to your order”, you can request this although is better to do this on a £60 or £90

3. Can you include a certain species in the box

You’re welcome to try us but isn’t guaranteed, given the speed some of our stock sells out, is a much better idea to order specific species seperately.

4. Can I avoid spiderlings?

We can certainly do this for you, (again use the comments box) but is only really doable on a £60 or £90 pound box

5. Can you do a beginner box?

Yes indeed (comments box again folks), is worth also letting us know when requesting this if it’s just tarantulas or other bits you’re after.

6. Can you do a Beserker Box?

We can put together something that’ll get you sweating….

7. I’ve already got a massive collection of spiders, can I send you what I have so I can get different ones?

Howdy Barry Big Balls!! Yes indeed you can do this, either via the comments or if won’t fit, email us with the order number and we’ll staple your email to the order to avoid doubling up.

8. Can you do mystery boxes of different values?

£30 is the minimum we do but if you want a random amount above this, drop us an email and will sort you out.

Any other questions welcome to get in touch via email or phone with us,