My First Spiderlings

Deluxe Edition

Product Info:

Similar to our other My first Spiderlings pack this kit contains…

Pack contains

  • 3x Hardy and Easy to care for Spiderlings
  • 3x Spiderling Boxes
  • 1x Pre pack of Food
  • 3x Spiderling Water Bowls
  • 1x TSS terradisc mini coco block
  • 1x Pipette


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What It Says On The Box:

Species Included:

Chaco Golden Knee – (Grammostola pulchripes)

Amazing Beginner Species, with distinctive markings and very easy to care for,

Mexican Fire Leg (Brachypelma bohemi)

With a beautiful orange – red carapace and legs (only the femur and tarsis segments are jet black) this is one of the most desirable species of tarantula in captivity

Sazimas Tarantula –  (Pterinopelma sazmai)