Megaphobema robustum

Colombian Giant (SAF)


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Sub Adult Female approx. 15cm


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20-26 C


70-80 %

Leg Span






This tropical rainforest Tarantula is one of the most attractive species around with rather unique behaviour. It is huge, heavily bodied. coloured with dense bright orange setae on the abdomen and legs and dark carapace and femurs giving this giant spider a distinct appearance. It has a unique manner of self defense. It rear legs are armoured with large sharp spines which adult specimens can fight off small predators with. When disturbed the spider flicks urticating setae off its abdomen and also extends all legs and rapidly turns around it whole body and tries to hit the enemy with its hind legs. Something has to be seen to be believed.

This species needs to be kept in a largish and likes to burrow so should be giving a long deep hide or enough substrate to burrow in. A water dish and occasional spraying is also important. In the wild this species lives in burrow under dense vegetation to escape the daytime heat. Because of this they should be kept with no additional heating or lighting so room temperature will be sufficient. The downside to these Spiders is that they are nervous and secretive, however they don’t seem to bite. The colour can vary from moult to moult and they are extremely beautiful after moulting.

These rather rare Tarantulas command a high price and are seldom seen due to there native country being closed for export and it is rarely bred. Spiderlings are large like Theraphosa blondi and have huge appetite, grows fast and are believed to live up to 20 years. The same rule as for adult works well for successful raising of the young.