Invertarium Setup

Variety of Sizes


Product Info:

General purpose plastic Terrarium suitable to house many types of Invertebrates.


  • Invertarium
  • Substrate
  • Water Bowl
  • Cork Bark Hide

From £14.00



Introducing our versatile general purpose plastic terrarium, designed to accommodate a wide range of invertebrates.

Boasting a crystal-clear construction, these stackable terrariums provide excellent ventilation and a removable top with a built-in clear lid and convenient feeding hatch.

Create the perfect habitat for your beloved invertebrates with this durable and adaptable terrarium solution.

What It Says On The Box:

Variety of Sizes if unsure what size you require, give us a shout either on email, phone or social media and we’d be happy to advise.


L: 20.5 x D:20.5 x H:17cm

Medium –

L: 26 x D:26 x H:20cm

Large – 

L: 32.50 x D:22 x H:21cm

Extra Large –

L:42 x D:26 x H:16cm

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