Heteropoda lunula

Lightening Huntsman (Juv)

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Unsexed Juveniles 4-5cm

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Heteropoda lunula, also known as the Lightning Huntsman, is probably the most striking and beautiful of all Asian Huntsmans.

At first glance, Heteropoda lunula is instantly recognizable by its awesome patterning and colours with attractive banding and spots. The legs are long and slender, with a slightly fuzzy texture that gives the spider a soft, delicate appearance.

Set up should an arboreal, we recommend something 30cm tall, with good ventilation and a fair amount of foliage (plastic plants etc) in the tank.
Good humidity should be maintained as well, although wise to spray one side of the tank so the spider can regulate itself.

Like other spiders in this genus, this species is not known for building webs to catch prey. Instead, it is an active hunter, using its speed and agility to chase down insects and other small animals. Heteropoda lunula is also capable of climbing smooth surfaces, thanks to the tiny hairs on its feet that allow it to grip onto even the slipperiest of surfaces.

Despite its fearsome appearance, Heteropoda lunula is not dangerous or agressive to humans just quicker than the human eye so not suitable for people prone to panic attacks, nervous dispositions, pregnant women and people under 110cm. We recommend rehousing in your shower or a small room. Please see the below testimony from our dear customers (names have been changed to prevent your judgement)

Kelly David (via facebook comments)

“On the unpacking of my first huntsman…
I’ll just take one more photo before I…ZOOM…gone.
A blur of movement.
The animal explored every nook and cranny of our bathroom, including every wall, the ceiling and all 8 corners, within 30 seconds.
My attempt to capture the creature from the ceiling in an upturned container resulted in nothing more than it dropping onto my head before vanishing completely down the back of my t-shirt.
I was scared of injuring the beast, so gently took each item of clothing off until I was stood, in my shreddies, sweating like [redacted, although was very funny], with no sign of the spider.
Not a pretty sight. Even arachnophobes prefer the idea of a loose spider running riot than a fat hairy oaf, belly wobbling, lurching around the bathroom.
Successful recapture took about 30 minutes”

Owen Stephens (via facebook comments)

“We ended up having to take the dryer apart when we got a huntsman ???????????????????? was gone in lightning speed and we found it in the back of t