Flower Beetle

Starter Kit

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Product Info:

This Kit Contains:

  • Large Faunarium
  • 3 x Beetle Leaf Substrate
  • 25 x Jelly Pots
  • Jelly Pot Holder
  • Atomiser Mister
  • Cork Bark
  • Leaf Layer


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This set up is the exact same way we breed all our small to medium sized Flower beetles. It is suitable for pretty much all species commonly kept with the exception of larger Mechynorrhina or Goliathus species.

What It Says On The Box:

Starting With Larvae:
If you starting with larvae simply fill the enclosure half way with the Leaf substrate you should have some spare. As the larvae consume the substrate it will eventually contain more frass (Poo) then leaf substrate, at this point change 60% of the substrate with fresh leaf litter substrate. The substrate will also dry out over time and will need re-hydrating the sprayer. As a rule of thumb the ideal moisture level should be that when you squeeze the substrate together it is most enough to momentarily bind but doesn’t release any water when squeezed. Be careful when searching through the substrate as cocoons are fragile and are often made on the side of the enclosure which is great for viewing the life cycle.

Starting with Adult Beetles:
As above fill the substrate half to two thirds full of substrate depending on species. The substrate needs to be at least four times the depth of the length of the female beetles. On top of this add the Leaf layer supplied, this will help beetles that have toppled over right themselves and help maintain the moisture level underneath. Add the cork bark for climbing and the Jelly Pot holder and Jelly pots. Make sure the substrate maintain the right moisture level as described above. The Beetles will consume the Jelly and lay eggs into the substrate. Once the Beetles have reached their natural life span you should have eggs and larvae in the substrate. Don’t replace any substrate for at least 30 days after the last female has reached the end of its lifespan as eggs are very small and can be hard to see, there is always more larvae then you think. Remove the cork bark and jelly pot holder and repeat the larvae care cycle listed above. If you’re not sure on anything give us a call we can talk about Beetles all day.