Cyriopagopoeus lividum

Cobalt Blue (AF)

SMITH, 1996

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This is by far the most remarkable ground dwelling Asian species in the hobby and as it common name would suggest it has a brilliant bright blue colouration (adult females). This is a fast, nasty, unpredictable yet a beautiful spider – making it a challenging and interesting species to keep! However not really suited to beginners. These deep burrowing Tarantulas inhabit tropical forested areas and are not usually seen out in the open. The entrance of the burrow has always covered by the thick layer of silk. This species is also found in Thailand and Laos and possibly has regional variants that differ in size and colour.

In captivity, as with other Haplopelma sp., it needs deep moistened substrate to establish a burrow in. It will also cover the ground around the burrow entrance with silk. They need a humid environment with good ventilation. Not a display species as it can only be seen at night stalking around the terrarium looking for prey and if disturb will retreat to its burrow or go into a threat pose and attempt to bite the intruder.

This species is occasional bred and captive bred spiderlings are available every so often. Having said this, this isn’t the easiest species to breed and a seasonal change with a lower temperature may pay a key part in conditioning this species ready for breeding. Egg sacks contain around 60 – 150 eggs and spiderlings emerge fairly large and if fed well will mature in 1.5 – 2 years. With females the blue colouration increases each moult until eventually developing bright blue coloration on the legs and most of the body. Males of this species are more brownish in color with striped legs and never being as blue.


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