Cyriocosmus elegans

Love Heart Butt (1cm)

Simon, 1889

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Grown on Spiderlings approx. 1cm

Source: CB


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20-24 C



Leg Span






This is one of the smallest yet most colourful species in the hobby. They have tiger stripes and a heart shape on the abdomen, plus a metallic red carapace with a black triangle on the front part like a Brachypelma emilia. There is also a second form from Venezuela which lacks this black triangle. Very little is known about its natural history. In the wild it is reported to lead a nomadic style of life hiding under logs, in burrows as well as possibly found in hollows of trees some above the ground.

The species is nervous though not aggressive so a retreat needs to be provided. This species needs to be kept on 5-6cm of substrate as it likes to dig burrows in the substrate and covering them in thick web. This species in rarely bred and is only just started becoming available to the hobbyist. Spiderlings hatch out tiny at around 2mm but are good eaters and can be reared on micro crickets (place in fridge before feeding) and flightless fruit flys. They are extremely fast growers and can reach maturity in a year.

As with the other representatives of the genus Cyriocosmus this tarantula is also rarely available in collections over the world. So if your not worried about rearing such a small spider here is a unique possibility to add this jewel among tarantulas to your collection!