Curly Hair + Starter Kit

Perfect Beginner Species

Product Info:


True Curly Hair 7cm + Everything you need to keep it

This is the perfect item for those beginning their journey with Tarantulas,



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Curly Hairs (Tlitocatl albopilosum) are:

  • Super Chilled
  • Easy to Care for
  • Slow Growing (Long Lived)
  • Fluffy

So really a perfect starter species

What It Says On The Box:

The Kit Contains the Following

  • Large Invertarium (Enclosure)
  • Hide
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Substrate
  • Water bowl
  • Decor Pack

The Curly hair tarantula is a plump-bodied spider, covered with dark brown to black hair. It has a golden-bronze sheen due to longer gold hairs that cover the whole body, which are particularly dense on the hind legs. The range of the Curly hair tarantula stretches along the Atlantic side of Honduras, Nicaragua and north-eastern Costa Rica. A burrowing species, the curly hair tarantula is found in tropical scrubland, either around the base of large trees, near rivers, or in patches of cleared rain forest.

They are a great first tarantula as they are very easy to keep and grow faster than other Brachypelma and are easier to breed.