C. cyaneopubescens + Setup

Green Bottle Blue (10cm)

Product Info:

Unsexed Sub Adults approx 10cm legspan


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Set up includes: 

  • Medium Invertarium
  • Coco Block (8ltr)
  • XS Water Bowl
  • Cork Bark Hi

What It Says On The Box:

This is a Monotypic species meaning there is nothing else like it, its the only species in its Genus. These are probably our best selling Terrestrial species and its easy to see why.

Its a multicolored spider with a green carapace, metallic blue legs and bright orange abdomen. Spiderlings are also very attractive and have a gold carapace, pink legs and tiger stripes on the abdomen. They are fast growing and very easy to keep requiring dryer conditions where they lay down heavy web covering the whole enclosure. They are not known to be aggressive and don’t tend to flick hair though are usually quite skittish.

They can be tricky to breed needing temperature changes to encourage eggsack production. The eggsacks are also relatively small containing around 100 spiderlings. This is why availability and prices fluctuate throughout the year and they always sell out fast.