Calci Worms – Large

Pre Pack Tub

Product Info:

Hermetia illucens

Large (Approx 50 per tub) – Ideal for Juveniles




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What It Says On The Box:

This is an excellent livefood for rearing small spiders and even grown on spiderlings as they are smaller than maggots, more nutrious then bean weevils and unlike micro crickets have a shelf live of weeks rather than days. They are also easy to store and to handle without squashing them.

Calci-Worms (same species as Phoenix Worms just a different brand name) naturally have 23 to 61 times more calcium than other commonly fed feeder insects! Calci-Worms are ready to serve when you take them home. There’s no need to dust or gut load these insects before feeding your pet. Store in a cool place. Warm to room temperature before feeding them off and watch them wriggle once warm!