Brachypelma klassi

Mexican Pink (3cm)

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Large Spiderlings approx. 3cm

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One of the favourite and desirable Brachypelma species in the hobby due it not being as common and a nice temperament. Being fairly recently described, this is a real beauty hence its common name. It has an overall black robust body decorated with the thick rust – red or pink hairs on the abdomen and legs. It can be kept like most other Brachypelma spp. on a mildly moistened or dry substrate with a large water bowl for drinking and periodical misting of one side of the substrate.

They inhabit the southern part of Mexico where us a small distribution range limited to the Jalisco state. It can be found living in burrows, including other animal burrows, under logs, rocks and other natural animal shelters.It can be found at sea level and in mountain ranges in different vegetation zones: from scrub bush lands to tropical forests It is interesting that reports exist of finding this species hunting up trees and wandering out during the day (R.West, 2005). This species has two distinct forms: lowland (Orange) and mountain (This one is more Pink / Red in colouration). This tarantula was primarily described as a species of the genus Brachypelmides (junior synonym of genus Brachypelma according to modern systematic) together with another very beautiful species Brachypelma ruhnaui, due to a difference in the spermathecae shape, but further studies has been provided to establish the existent synonymy.

It is rarely bred in captivity but spiderlings are sometimes available. Eggsacks contain 400 – 600 eggs, the spiderlings grow surprisingly fast compared to “desert” con-generes. They’re good eaters, hardy and not complicated to keep. This is a good choice for a beginner as well as any tarantula keeper – if you have a single specimen of this “Pink Beauty” you will always want another. This is a real beauty!