Brachypelma hamorii

Mexican Red Knee (SA)

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Sub Adult Female approx. 10-11cm


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Species Info:

This is the classic pet Tarantula species and is popular species that every keeper owns or has owned one. Docile, attractive patterning, long lived, large and robust. This species is also very easy to keep and will spend a lot of time making it a good display species. All of these factors make it an ideal first time species. It is a fossorial species, in the wild they inhabit both dry forests and tropical deciduous forests. Usually founds under rocks or tree roots (West, R, 2005).

Need to be kept in a standard terrestrial type terrarium with 5-6cm of slightly moistened substrate and provided a shallow water bowl for drinking. You can provide it with a retreat though it may not use it. This beautiful spider is regularly bred in captivity. The cocoon contains 400 – 600 eggs. Spiderlings have a slow growth rate and females mature at around five years and later. They are however none problematic to rear.

This is one of the “Pet Rock”; spiders and are not aggressive and is considered a good starting species.