Brachypelma emilia

Mexican Red Leg (5-6cm)

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Unsexed Juveniles approx. 5-6cm


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18-28 C



Leg Span



El Calmo



Brachypelma emilia is the type species of the genus Brachypelma and one of the earliest described tarantulas. It is endemic to Mexico where it enjoys a large range across the Sierra Madres Occidental. Many specimens have a triangular marking on the carapace but this can vary between individuals. This species comes from a dry climate and burrow temperatures can vary from 21-25 degrees, but are notably cooler than the air temperature.

This tarantula has beautiful orange and black markings on the legs, with a darker coloured carapace and abdomen, with the latter being clothed in red hairs. Like all Brachypelma, the spiderlings of B. emilia are not colourful and the adults are not sexually dimorphic in colour. B. emilia is a slow growing species like most Brachypelma averaging 8-10 years to maturity and has a docile temperament.

A standard terrestrial enclosure with coir, a hide and a waterbowl are sufficient for keeping this tarantula. Try to keep the first inch of substrate dry and the other two to three a little bit wetter but not so much that it increases the humidity drastically.

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