Brachypelma albiceps with Setup

Golden Red Rump (5-6cm)

Pocock, 1903

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Unsexed Juveniles 5-6cm 


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Set up includes: 

  • Small Invertarium
  • Terra Spider Disc x2
  • XS Water Bowl
  • Cork Bark Hide

Brachypelma albiceps which was sold in the past as Brachypelma/Brachypelmedes ruhnaui is another Mexican endemic tarantula, which occurs in highland forests in Central Mexico. This species was previously in the past confused with the genus Aphonopelma, but modern studies showed it was clearly a true member of Brachypelma. It can be found in the same location as other types of tarantula such as Bonnetina and Aphonopelma. Temperatures vary from 21-24 degrees..

The dark black legs and red abdomen are contrasted by the beautiful blonde carapace. This tarantula comes from a more moist climate than some other Brachypelma. Like all Brachypelma, the spiderlings of B. albiceps are not colourful and the adults are not sexually dimorphic in colour. B. albiceps is a slow growing species like most Brachypelma averaging 8-10 years to maturity and is gentle natured.

A standard terrestrial enclosure with coir, a hide and a waterbowl are sufficient for keeping this tarantula. Try to keep the substrate slightly moist but not too wet. A very beginner friendly tarantula with a docile personality.