Blue World Terrestrials

NW Species

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Pack contains

  • 3x Hardy and Easy to care for Blue Spiderlings
  • 3x Spiderling Boxes
  • 3x Spiderling Water Bowls
  • 1x TSS terradisc mini coco block
  • 1x Pipette


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What It Says On The Box:

Species Included:

Blue Diamond – (Dolichothele diamantinensis)

Another beautiful blue/green spider with a dash or red hair on the abdomen from Brazil.

Colombian Blue Leg – (Holothele longipes)

A smaller, rare species that has a reddish orange carapace and deep blue to black legs. Ex. Holothele sp. “Norte de santander”.

Lasiocyano sazmai-  (Lasiocyano sazmai)
. A beautiful iridescent blue tarantula and the most exiting species to enter the hobby