Birdeater Box

NW Birdeaters

Product Info:

  • 3 Awesome Easy to care for Spiderling
  • 3 Spiderling Boxes
  • 3 Water Bowls
  • 1 Terradisc Coco Fibre Block
  • Cork Bark Hides


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Birdeaters is a name given to larger terrestrial species from the Amazon basin region. The name originated from artwork by Victorian naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian’s who illustrated natural history books showing large south American Theraphosids eating birds.

What It Says On The Box:

Species Included:

Giant White Knee-  (Acanthoscurria geniculata)

This is a popular species due to its large, robust size and attractive colouration. Its is a very attractive species and though it has no “red” or “blue” in its colouration it does have wide prominent white / cream striping on an over black colouration with red hairs on the abdomen to boot.

Peru Green Velvet –  (Thrixopelma pruriens)

Its striking green velvet appearance combined with its approachable temperament makes it an ideal species for enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Sazimas Tarantula (Lasiocyano sazmai)

A beautiful iridescent blue tarantula from Brazil