Big Balls Baboon Box

Harpactira Edition

Product Info:

  • 3 Awesome African Species (Spiderlings).
  • 3 Enclosures
  • 3 Water Bowls
  • 1 Terradisc Coco Fibre Block
  • Cork Bark Hides


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Is super rare for us to have not 1 but 3 different Harpactira species in stock… so makes sense to wack a tidy discount on all 3 and add in the setups…



What It Says On The Box:

    • Species included

    Namibian Baboon – (Harpactira namaquensis)

    One of the more stunning but often overlooked Old World tarantulas.

    Golden Blue Leg – (Harpactira pulchripes)

    South African Gold! A gem of a Spider and the Jewel of South Africa. Over the years everyone will eventually have one in there collection just like P.metallica and M.balfouri.

    Purcells Baboon – (Harpactira baviana)

    Harpactira baviana, or the Parcells baboon tarantula, is a delightful species from the South African bush. This species is rarely available among tarantula enthusiasts. While it is on the smaller side for a baboon tarantula, it is known to make elaborate tunnels and tubular webs.


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