Avicularia juruensis M2 + Setup

Peru Purple Pink Toe (1cm)

Product Info:

Unsexed Spiderlings approx. 1CM.

Source: CB

Setup includes….


  • 1x TSS Aboreal Keeper
  • 1x Terradisc Substrate Block
  • 1x Water Bowl
  • 1x Piece of Cork Bark


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What It Says On The Box:

A rather unique and beautiful large-sized Avicularia species. They are a deep iridescent purple with long bright pink tufts of hair on the abdomen. They are also covered in long white bristle like A.urticans. Whether this is a new species or a regional variation of an existing species is unknown. Either way they are a very distinct population

Like most species in the Avicularia genus they live in arboreal silken retreats made of web either underneath the bark, in the hollows of trees and among leaves and branches in humid forested areas. It requires humid conditions, a vertical arboreal vivarium with plenty of arboreal retreats and a water bowl for drinking. Another important factor in enclosures for this species is good ventilation and it also recommended you decorate the enclosure with either live or artificial plants. It is also worth noting that this species though docile can move very fast and will jump from place to place.