Avicularia purpurea + Setup

Purple Pink Toe

Product Info:

Unsexed Spiderlings approx. 1CM.

Source: CB

Setup includes….


  • 1x TSS Aboreal Keeper
  • 1x Terradisc Substrate Block
  • 1x Water Bowl
  • 1x Piece of Cork Bark


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What It Says On The Box:

Another beautiful arboreal Tarantula that is purple coloured when adult and absolutely shines under the proper lights. It has nice cute blue spiderlings like A.versicolor and A.letae. This species is one every Arboreal keepers wish list due to its beauty, docile nature and lack of availability. In the wild it lives in arboreal silken retreats made of web beneath the bark and hollows of tree in humid rainforests of Ecuador.