Asian Forest Scorpion

with Starter Kit


Product Info:

This Kit contains an Asian Forest Scorpion (Hemetometrus silenus) and it’s setup. 



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To keep on top of the humidity requirements, it’s a solid idea to put the moss in the decor pack in a corner of the terrarium and spray water onto this, the scorpion will mooch on over to the moss if it’s finding life a little dry and sort itself.



What It Says On The Box:

Heterometrus are great beginners Scorpions for people who want try something other than an Emperor Scorpion. They are generally bullet proof, slow growing and long lived animals. Ise the cork bark in the kit for a hide and feed large crickets/dubia roaches.


The Kit Contains the Following

  • Large Invertarium (Enclosure)
  • Tweezers
  • Thermometer
  • Substrate
  • Water bowl
  • Cork Bark
  • Decor Pack
  • Mister


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