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PELINOBIUS: The King Baboon Spider & The Man-Eating Lions of Tsavo

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Filmed on location in Zimbabwe,

Namibia and Tanzania, this 3 hour

documentary has an epic breadth as it

explores four key East African genera,


and Pterinochilus against the historical

background of the colonial exploration

of East Africa and the construction of the

Uganda railway. Written and directed

by the veteran tarantula field collector,

researcher and arachnohistorian Andrew

M Smith, the result is an original

academic field study, which tells the

story of each of the type specimens –

from the museums where they are held,

to the type locations where they were

first discovered 130 years ago.



DESERT TARANTULAS & The History of Tarantula Filmmaking


Andrew Smith’s very first documentary

which was filmed on location in the

Sonoran desert 30 years ago. We have

included it as part of a second film

exploring the history of tarantula



Length: DVD 1: 101 mins DVD 2: 138 mins


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