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The Red-Leg Tarantulas of Mexico

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Length : DVD 1 : 98 mins DVD 2 : 87 mins


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The two ground breaking, feature length tarantula documentaries contained in this boxset were filmed on location in the Sierra Madre Mountains, which range along much of Mexico’s Pacific coastline.


This region of Mexico is infamous for narcotics and consequently throughout the shoot, the threat of Cartel violence was an ever present worry for the film crew. Written and directed by veteran tarantula collector, researcher and arachnohistorian Andrew M. Smith – the end result is a unique academic field study which contains the first location footage ever filmed of all of Mexico’s striking red-leg tarantulas. Many of these species are now endangered and it is highly likely that the field footage shot of many of these spiders, will be the only record of them in the years to come.


Length : DVD 1 : 98 mins DVD 2 : 87 mins


DVD-only BONUS FEATURES : The History of Captive Breeding Tarantula Spiders / Mexican Tarantula Spider Folklore & Mythology / Extended Interview with Jorge Mendoza