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Acheta domestica

We will select the best size crickets for the spider you are ordering.
Please note this is not a box of mixed sizes




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What It Says On The Box:

These are more active than the black crickets but not so noisy and last better if kept in the tubs. The Brown Cricket is the staple diet of the majority of insect eating pets. Supplementing can be by gut loading or dusting and this cricket can be supplied in a range of sizes from 3mm to 30mm. It is recommended that you unpack crickets to a larger container and offer additional food and chunks of carrot for moisture.

As a general rule tarantulas will readily eat food items which are half their own body length or less. A typical-sized, adult tarantula will be content with four large crickets per week. They don’t need to be fed very frequently; you can give them all the crickets at once and that will be fine for the rest of the week.