1.1 Lasiodora parahybana

Salmon Pink (5-7cm)

Mello-Leitïo, 1921

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Male and Female Juvenile pair approx. 5-7cm


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Lasiodora is a genus of tarantulas from Brazil which includes some of the largest species in the world by leg span and bodyweight. The most common species in the hobby is L. parahybana which was established in the 1980s by Ron Baxter. Other species sold in the hobby might be the same species, because no research has been conducted to identify specimens. All Lasiodora  occur on the Atlantic coast of Brazil in rainforest, inhabiting large burrows on the ground level of the forest.

L. parahybana are impressive spiders, often obtaining a leg span of 9in or even 10in. The overall colouration is black, with grey hairs, yellow banding on the segments of the legs and vibrant red hairs on the abdomen. This species often produces 1000+ spiderlings in an egg sac. They are neither ontogenetic nor sexually dimorphic but males have prominent palps and tibial apophyses.

These tarantulas can be housed in a 30x30cm enclosure or larger with at least 8in of moist coir and a large hide. A waterbowl can be added but they tend to just throw dirt in them. They eat a lot and must be kept from being overfed. A great starter tarantula if purchased as spiderlings and a wonderful display species as adults. Skittish but not defensive, and very long lived with some specimens living over 20 years.

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